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About Dr. Baer Cohen

Leslie Baer Cohen, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in Illinois with a specialization in children and adolescents.

Dr. Baer Cohen graduated with honors with a BA in Psychology from Northwestern University. She received her doctoral degree in child clinical psychology from Miami University. As part of her training, Dr. Baer Cohen completed an internship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Center for Developmental Disorders, and a specialized postdoctoral fellowship at the Yale University Child Study Center. Dr. Baer Cohen worked as a Staff Psychologist at the Rush Neurobehavioral Center for 15 years, conducting assessments of children and adolescents with neurobehavioral difficulties and providing clinical supervision.

Dr. Baer Cohen has extensive clinical experience working with a range of populations, including learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders and children with social/emotional difficulties. She has particular expertise working with young children as well. Her primary specialization includes neuropsychological/psychological assessment (ages 3-18), school consultation and parent guidance. Dr. Baer Cohen routinely collaborates with schools and other allied service providers to ensure maximum educational and treatment success. Dr. Baer Cohen lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and two children.

Services Provided


Neuropsychological & Psychological Evaluations


Classroom Observations / Teacher Consultation

Parent Guidance


IEP / 504 Plan Support

Common Reasons for Evaluation

Learning Disabilities / Processing Difficulties

ADHD / Executive Functioning

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social / Emotional Difficulties (anxiety, depression, social difficulties)

Gifted Determination

Kindergarten Readiness

Early Childhood / Developmental Delays

Extended Time Accommodation Eligibility for ACT/SAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the testing process involve?

The evaluation process typically involves an initial parent intake, 6-8 hours of testing (depending on child’s age and presenting problem), a parent feedback appointment and a school feedback session. Typically, testing sessions are scheduled over two days. A classroom observation may occur for some children, as needed.

How do I know if my child needs an evaluation?

Children and adolescents are typically referred for testing by their school, therapist, pediatrician or parents if they are having learning, attentional, social/emotional or behavioral difficulties, or when there is a question of giftedness. During the initial parent meeting, Dr. Baer Cohen will help determine whether a comprehensive evaluation is necessary.

How long does it take to obtain evaluation results?

A parent feedback appointment is scheduled approximately 3 weeks after the testing. At that time, the evaluation results are shared and an intervention plan for “next steps” is discussed. Parents are given names of community resources and supports. A comprehensive written report detailing the child’s strengths and weaknesses (and diagnosis, if applicable) is provided at the feedback appointment which can be shared with your child’s school and other allied professionals.

What should I tell my child about the testing?
I recommend keeping the explanation simple. Typically, I tell children that they are going to be doing some different activities (e.g., puzzles, blocks, drawing, reading) to see how they “learn the best.” Children are given frequent breaks, prizes and snacks throughout the evaluation and most children enjoy the process. Aside from getting a good night sleep and eating a healthy breakfast, no preparation is required. Children should be reassured that no shots or anything medical will happen.
Who conducts the evaluation?

I conduct all aspects of the evaluation process myself. I do not employ graduate students or technicians.

Do you prescribe medication?

I do not prescribe medication. Although I am conservative about recommending medication for children, if medication is appropriate, I refer my patients to an appropriate medical provider.

Is my child too young to be tested?

I have expertise evaluating children as young as 3 years of age. Consistent findings across the literature point to the importance and efficacy of early intervention. Although diagnostic certainty with young children is sometimes difficult, evaluations are beneficial in targeting areas for early intervention, helping to determine school readiness, obtaining a baseline of current functioning and determining any “red flags” for subsequent neurobehavioral difficulties.

Do you collaborate with my child’s school?

Yes! I believe strongly in establishing a strong bond with school professionals, teachers and other allied professions. I often conduct classroom observations, routinely obtain teacher observations of the child, and attend school feedback meetings to present evaluation findings. In addition, I assist with IEP/504 plan development.

Do you accept insurance?

I am a fee for service provider and do not accept insurance. However, I will assist you in your own submission to insurance by providing necessary materials and information. Families are encouraged to contact the benefits department of their insurance company to determine what coverage may be provided. Payment is accepted at the time of service via check or credit card. Before testing is completed you will be provided with an estimate of time and cost.

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